What are the various signs and symptoms of extreme problems in the eye?

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    There are many reasons which can contribute to the sharp pain in the eye. According to the Best Eye Specialists in Ferozepur, Punjab , the most common reasons for the pain in the eye can be cluster headaches and debris in the eye. If the pain continues to persist, then it is high time, you should consult the doctors of the best eye hospital in Ludhiana

    As you might have already guessed from the topic of the toady’ blog, In our today’s blog, we shall be knowing some of the important causes of the symptoms of the pain. 

    The Accumulation of the dust 

    When we have exposed our eye to the environment which is full of debris, then there are high chances that the dust and the debris keep on getting accumulated in the ee. After some time, it may result in intense pain. This kind of pain usually fades away whenever the eyes are either splashed with the normal water or the saline solution. 

    In case, your pain persists even after following the ultimate measures, then this could be the possible indication of corneal abrasion. By this, we mean the scratch which occurs in the eye. Although this problem is not that harmful, it still requires your immediate attention to get consulted with the ophthalmologist or the optometrist.


    When a person is affected with the problem of uveitis, then it means he is suffering from intense inflammation in the middle layer of the eye. The inflammation when gets aggravated does not only resist itself to the middle layer, uvea only, then it starts getting affecting all the other components of the eyes like: 

    • The retina
    • The vitreous Fluid 
    • The optic nerve 
    • The lens of the eye 


    By scleritis, we mean the outer layer of the eye, when this layer gets affected with the inflammation, then you may encounter many problems in the eyes starting from the inflammation to the intense pain in the eyes. 

    Cluster headaches 

    When the individual is suffering from cluster headaches, then it may result in comprehensive pain in the eyes which may begin at the portion above the eye or near the temple.

    Sometimes, the complicated symptoms in the eye help you to know whether you should be visiting the doctor or not. In case of the following major symptoms, please consult the doctor at your earliest:

    • Severe pain particularly in either side of the head 
    • Red eyes 
    • The watery eyes 
    • The running nose 
    • The stuffy nose
    • Extreme restlessness 
    • Agitation 
    • Sweating in the eyes 
    • Drooping eyelids 


    In case you are bothered with a migraine, then it can result in severe symptoms of pain in either or both of the eyes.

    Angle-closure glaucoma

    Glaucoma is the term denoted to the group of eye problems. Glaucoma can be of the three types: 

    • Open-angle
    • Normal-tension 
    • Angle-closure 

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