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    FFA in Punjab

    The Role of Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) in Ophthalmology

    Fluorescein Angiography is the essential diagnostic tool in the world of Ophthalmology. It provides valuable insights into various eye conditions. In this procedure, eye specialists can analyze the blood flow in the retina. If you are struggling with vision issues, then Kalia Eye and Maternity Hospital provide a suitable solution for your eye-related problems because we have advanced techniques in ophthalmology, Fluorescein Angiography being one of them. We offer a Low Cost Fluorescein Angiography Test in Ferozepur to determine your vision condition. 

    Fluorescein Angiography

    Fluorescein Angiography ( FFA) is the latest technique in specialized imaging. This technique is a special and tiny camera that captures images of the blood vessels in the retina. Before examination, an eye specialist uses a fluorescein injection into the arm that is called fluorescent dye. It can help us to figure out blood flow and identify the abnormalities in the retina.

    Unveiling the diagnostics power

    Identification of Retinal Disorders

    FFA is the advanced method of diagnosing and monitoring retinal disorders, which includes diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and retinal vein occlusion. This tool is used to determine the abnormal blood flow and leakage in the retina. Eye specialists understand the eye condition and provide treatment. 

    Mapping blood vessel abnormalities

    This advanced tool provides proper information regarding the blood vessels in the retina. It can help determine where abnormal blood vessels grow and lack blood and help eye specialists easily understand ocular disorders. 

    Assessment of tumor presence

    When a person has ocular tumors that often hurt normal blood vessels, FFA is a reliable tool to determine the abnormal blood flow in the retina. It is a Low Cost Fluorescein Angiography Test in Ferozepur, Punjab that can easily find tumors that can help patients get treatment timely. 


    Dye injection

    Eye specialists use a small amount of fluorescent dye in the FFA procedure and are injected into the patient’s arm. 

    Swift imaging

    FFA is a specialized camera that quickly captures an image of the retina. 

    Real-time mapping

    This injection allows us to provide data regarding your eye vessels in the retina. 


    This procedure is non-invasive; it can take a few minutes to understand your eye condition. This Low Cost Fluorescein Angiography Test in Ferozepur, Punjab, provides correct information about blood vessels in the retina. 

    Diagnostic insight

    These images can help to understand retinal disorders so that patients get effective and suitable treatment. 


    Minimal invasive method

    FFA is a minimally invasive method that can provide details about the retina conditions compared to other methods.

    Effective Diagnosis

    This helps to identify the problems in the retina, like diabetic retinopathy and others, so that experts provide a correct treatment. 


    Depth perception:

    One of the limitations of this tool is providing deeper information about the retina.

    Complementary techniques:

    This diagnostic needs to give an effective result. However, combining it with other diagnostic methods can help achieve reliable outcomes. 

    Why choose Kalia Eye and Maternity Hospital

    Advanced diagnostic tool

    Kalia Eye and Maternity Hospital has advanced diagnostic tools to figure out eye conditions like abnormal blood vessels.

    Qualified and experienced eye doctor

    We have experienced doctors who know the advanced technology, and they diagnose and provide effective treatment to improve your eye health. 

    Fluorescein Angiography is like an eye photo session that helps an eye expert understand what’s happening inside your eye. This method can help to restore your ocular health. The Kalia Eye and Maternity Hospital, the Best Fundus Fluorescein Angiography Hospital in India, offers a reliable solution for your eye problems.