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    Preventing Cancer: The Benefits of Regular Cancer Screenings

    Cancer screening is a health checkup that helps to detect cancer in the early stages. It also helps in the prevention of cancer in the initial stage. Cancer Screening Test in Ferozepur at Kalia Eye & Maternity Hospital, will help you to prevent serious cancer illnesses in the initial stages.

    What is Cancer Screening :

    Cancer tests will help you to identify cancer at an early stage. It is a solution to the most common problem, which is negligence of cancer signs. It is important to take care of diet in the early stage of cancer because early detection opens the door to multiple cancer treatment options.

    Why you Should Get Screened :

    Undoubtedly, getting a Cancer Screening Test in Punjab at an early stage saves lives. Many kinds of cancers, such as Breast, Lung, colon, & Cervical, can be treated with minimal medication and some lifestyle modification. Screening tests catch cancer cells before they can alter bodily functions. 

    Our Screening Services :

    Kalia Eye & Maternity Hospital offers various cancer screening services tailored to your unique needs. An experienced and skilled team of hospital experts in using advanced technology for cancer screening. Get screened in a comfortable and caring environment. Follow are a few cancer screening services we provide: 

    What Happens During Screening :

    Comfort and well-being are top priorities of Kalia Eye & Maternity Hospital. Our professional and trained staff will answer all your queries related to the screening procedure. Doctors will guide you throughout the procedure and guide you at every step. The following may be necessary, depending on the kind of screening you’re having:

    • Filling out a health questionnaire form 
    • Physical Examination 
    • Blood Test 
    • Imaging Scan 
    • Sample for Testing

    What After Screening :

    After your screening, a medical staff member will review the results with you and go over the following steps if any additional testing or treatment is required. We’ll offer advice on when to book your next screening if everything checks out generally so you can continue to take charge of your health.


    Don’t wait before it’s too late for any disease. Schedule your cancer screening at Kalia Eye & Maternity Hospital today. Early detection saves the lives of many people. Don’t risk your life by ignoring initial signs. The Best Cancer Hospital in India is here to help you stay fit and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about the cancer screening process.