What are the fundamental aspects of IVF which everybody should know?

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    When it comes to family planning, the couples usually grow so happy with the fact that they are going to welcome a new member in their family. For this reason, they get hopeful with the successful conception through the natural process. But all their hopes are dashed to the ground whenever they are perpetually experiencing negative results. For this reason, a Best Gynecologist in Ferozepur, “ That couples should not get disheartened and stressed if they are not able to conceive because that over time becomes the main reason of unsuccessful conception.” According to the fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, Even IVF Process will work only if the couples are happy from within. 

    All about IVF

    • When should couples prefer visiting an IVF Centre?

    If a couple is trying to conceive past one year and is not able to still conceive, then they should prefer visiting the gynaecologist first. Because if the gynaecologist would suggest that you should visit a gynaecologist, only then you should visit. 

    • Which candidates are customarily considered good for the In-Vitro-fertilisation?

    Following candidates are considered good for the In- vitro -fertilization treatment:

    If the male is having a problem in his sperms that could be related to any of the following: 

    • Insignificant sperm count
    • No sperm motility
    • Disfigured sperm cells

    If the female is facing fertility problems that also could be any of the following: 

    • Structural or functional problems with the reproductive organs
    • The inability of the uterus to conceive
    • What is the mechanism of IVF treatment?

    IVF is a complicated procedure, so it needs to be performed by an expert gynaecologist. After diagnosing the cause of infertility for the people, the treatment plan is individualised and based. During the ovulation period, when the eggs of the female are full-fledged grown or have become mature, then these eggs are extracted and are mixed with the sperm cells which are chosen based on very minute characteristics differentiation. When the egg successfully becomes the embryo then before the implantation it is thoroughly supervised.

    • After how many days, should the woman take up the pregnancy test? 

    The woman should take up the pregnancy test after 2 weeks. It is not suggested to do something like that before 2 weeks, because it is sure that before the determined period, the results are sure to be experienced negatively. It would lead to the stimulation of the stress-causing hormones. 

    • What are the charges of IVF? 

    The charges of the IVF are based on the following factors: 

    • Treatment plan

    Based on your condition, the treatment plan will be determined, and different fertility plans have different budget packages.

    • Experience and expertise of the doctor

    If the doctor is experienced enough, then obviously you will be charged high as compared to the doctor who has just stepped into this field. 

    Bottom Line

    If you have any oyster queries regarding IVF, please contact us. We shall fix your consultation with the experienced gynaecologist.