Impact Of Prolonged Screen Uses On Eye

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    Impact Of Prolonged Screen Uses On Eye

    Kalia Eye And Maternity Hospital has advanced equipment and experienced eye specialists who treat any kind of eye problem, including vision issues, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and more. We provide top-quality and advanced treatment to restore your eye health. 

    In this video, eye doctor’s explain the eye problems that happen due to use of mobile phones and computers. When a person uses the screen without taking breaks, he suffers from eye issues- including redness, itching, irritation, dryness, tiredness and more. These conditions worsen during summer because of dry air and low humidity. 

    In this video, we discuss some prevention tips that help reduce eye problems, such as following the 20 -20-20 rules in which you need to take a break and do exercises like rotation from left to right, blinking and more. You need to set the right screen light to reduce the impact on the eye. You take a healthy diet that helps to maintain eye health. If you are struggling with severe eye problems, you must visit the Kalia Eye Hospital and consult an eye doctor. They provide a prescribed medication treatment that helps to reduce the symptoms and also helps to improve your health for the long term. 

    If you are facing a problem with your vision, visit Kalia Eye And Maternity Hospital for proper treatment.